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Pakistani Mehboob tackled the Hurdles the best

December 6, 2019 4:40 pm

In the men’s 400 meters hurdles, Mehboob Ali of Pakistan own gold over Jabir Madaripa and Santosh Kumar of India. Finishing the hurdle race at 50.71 seconds he bagged Golden victory to Pakistan.


Also, Pakistani athlete Najma Praveen has won Gold medal under women’s 400 meter hurdles. She completed the hurdle race in just 1:00:35 minute. In the competition, Srilankan and Indian were the tough competitors for the athlete Najma Praveen. Srilankan Kawshalya Madhu (Silver medalist) covered the distance in 1:00:40 minutes while Veerpal Kaur (Bronze medalist) took 1:01:38 minute to complete the race.