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Tahinderpal set a new SAG Shot Put Record

December 6, 2019 3:49 pm

Tahinderpal Singh of India broke the SAG record in Men’s Shot Put. The previous record was 19.15 meter in 1999 by Sagoo Singh Bahadur (India). Athlete Singh registered gold medal by throwing the ball 20.03 meter far.

With this new record, Om prakash of India and Samith Madhushankar of Srilanka won the second and the third  best Shot Put distance of 17.31 meter and 15.55 meter respectively. In the women’s shotput, Aba Khatua of India registered gold medal by throwing the ball 15.32meters far whereas, Tharika Kumudum of Srilanka scored silver and Kachina Chaudhary (India) scored Brone with the ball throw distance of 14.35meter and 13.66 meter, respectively.