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India leading the SAG fencing

December 6, 2019 7:46 pm

India has won three gold medals in Fencing under the 13th South Asian Games. India won gold in the men’s Epee, and Saber, and women’s Foil in the opening competition day.

India’s Sunil Kumar defeated Jayaprakash Guruprakash Copra and Momhamad Imtiaz (Bangladesh)  and Saidhudhin Ali (Pakistan) in Men’s Epee.

Under the Men’s Saber, Karan Singh won gold medal by defeating his closest competitor-Kumreshan Padam gisonidhi (India), and Bipul Mohammad Ifta Kharul Alam (Bangladesh) and Roshan Arachegh (Srilanka).

India has also dominated the Women’s fencing Foil category. Theibi Debi Wangelbum won gold by defeating Radhika Prakash Awati (India), and Mohima Akther and Rama Singh (Bangladesh).