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नेपली समाचारका लागि NSCKhabar


SAG Mascot 2019

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SN Games Stream Event Medal
1 Taekwondo Women's INDIVIDUAL(17-23)YRS  Bronze
2 Taekwondo Women's Female Individual Poomsae (23-29) years  Bronze
3 Taekwondo Men's Male individual poomsae (17-23) years  Bronze
4 Taekwondo Women's Individual Poomsae +29years  Bronze
5 Taekwondo Men's Male individual poomsae (23-29) years  Bronze
6 Taekwondo Men's Male individual poomsae 29 years above  Gold
7 Taekwondo Men's PAIR POOMSAE (17-23) YEARS  Bronze
8 Taekwondo Men's PAIR POOMSAE 29 YEARS ABOVE  Bronze
9 Taekwondo Women's FEMALE TEAM POOMSAE (17-23) YEARS  Bronze
10 Taekwondo Men's MALE TEAM POOMSAE (17-23) YEARS  Bronze
11 Athletics Men's MEN'S HIGH JUMP  Bronze
12 Wushu Men's CHANQUAN  Silver
13 Wushu Women's CHANQUAN  Bronze
14 Kho-Kho Women's TEAM EVENT  Bronze
15 Wushu Men's NANQUAN ALL ROUNDER  Bronze
16 Kho-Kho Men's TEAM EVENT  Silver
17 Athletics Men's LONG JUMP  Bronze
18 Table Tennis Women's DOUBLES  Bronze
20 Wushu Women's NANQUAN ALL-ROUND  Silver
21 Wushu Women's TAIJIQUAN ALL-ROUNDER  Bronze
22 Weightlifting Women's SENIOR 49 KG  Bronze
23 Weightlifting Men's 61KG  Bronze
24 Weightlifting Women's 59KG  Bronze
25 Weightlifting Women's 55KG  Silver
26 Weightlifting Men's 55KG  Silver
27 Taekwondo Men's 87KG  Bronze
28 Taekwondo Women's 67KG  Bronze
29 Wushu Women's SANDA 56KG  Bronze
30 Wushu Women's SANDA 60KG  Bronze
31 Swimming Women's 200 SC MTR FREESTYLE  Bronze
32 Swimming Men's 400 SC MTR FREESTYLE RELAY  Bronze
33 Swimming Men's 100 SC MTR MTR BUTTERFLY  Bronze
34 Wushu Women's SANDA 70KG  Bronze
35 Wushu Men's SANDA 56KG  Silver
36 Wushu Men's SANDA 60KG  Bronze
37 Wushu Men's SANDA 65KG  Bronze
38 Wushu Men's SANDA 75KG  Bronze
39 Wushu Men's SANDA 80KG  Bronze
40 Golf Men's INDIVIDUAL  Silver
41 Golf Women's INDIVIDUAL  Silver
42 Golf Men's TEAM  Silver
43 Golf Women's TEAM  Silver
44 Swimming Men's 1500 SC Meter Freestyle  Bronze
45 Swimming Women's 400 SC Meter IM  Bronze
46 Weightlifting Women's 71KG  Silver
47 Weightlifting Men's 89KG  Silver
48 Badminton Mixed DOUBLE  Bronze
49 Wrestling Women's 55kg  Silver
50 Swimming Men's 400CC IM  Silver
51 Swimming Men's 50SC M BACK STROKE  Silver
52 Weightlifting Men's 96KG  Gold
53 Weightlifting Men's 102KG  Silver
54 Weightlifting Women's 87+KG  Bronze
55 Weightlifting Women's 76KG  Gold
56 Weightlifting Women's 81KG  Silver
57 Wrestling Men's 97KG  Bronze
58 Weightlifting Men's 109 KG  Bronze
59 Cricket Women's TEAM EVENT  Gold
60 Judo Women's 52KG  Bronze
61 Judo Women's 63KG  Bronze
62 Football Men's TEAM EVENT  Bronze
63 Swimming Men's 400SC M FREESTYLE  Bronze
64 Swimming Women's 200SC M BUTTERFLY  Bronze
65 Wrestling Men's 86KG  Bronze
66 Wrestling Women's 59KG  Silver
67 Wrestling Women's 62KG  Bronze
68 Wrestling Women's 65KG  Bronze
69 Wrestling Women's 72KG  Bronze
70 Table Tennis Men's TEAM  Bronze
71 Archery Men's RECURVE TEAM  Gold
72 Archery Women's RECURVE TEAM  Gold
73 Archery Mixed RECURVE TEAM  Gold
74 Archery Men's COMPOUND TEAM  Gold
75 Archery Women's COMPOUND TEAM  Gold
76 Archery Mixed COMPOUND TEAM  Gold
77 Archery Men's RECURVE  Gold
78 Archery Women's RECURVE  Gold
79 Archery Men's COMPOUND  Gold
80 Archery Men's COMPOUND  Bronze
81 Archery Women's COMPOUND  Gold
82 Shooting Women's 10MAIR RIFLE TEAM  Silver
83 Shooting Men's 50M 3 POSITION TEAM  Silver
84 Shooting Men's 10M AIR RIFLE TEAM  Bronze
85 Shooting Women's 50M 3 POSITIONS TEAM  Silver
86 Shooting Women's 10M AIR PISTOL TEAM  Bronze
87 Shooting Men's 10M AIR PISTOL TEAM  Silver
88 Shooting Mixed 10M AIR PISTOL TEAM  Bronze
89 Shooting Mixed 10M AIR RIFLE  Silver
90 Shooting Men's 10M AIR RIFLE  Bronze
91 Shooting Women's 10M AIR PISTOL  Silver
92 Boxing Men's 64KG  Bronze
93 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KATA  Bronze
94 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE +68KG  Bronze
95 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE 45KG  Silver
96 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE 50KG  Bronze
97 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE 55KG  Gold
98 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE 61KG  Gold
99 Karate Women's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE 68KG  Bronze
100 Karate Women's TEAM KATA  Bronze
101 Karate Women's TEAM KUMITE  Silver
102 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KATA  Bronze
103 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE  Bronze
104 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE  Bronze
105 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE  Silver
106 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE  Gold
107 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE  Bronze
108 Karate Men's INDIVIDUAL KUMITE  Bronze
109 Karate Men's TEAM KATA  Bronze
110 Karate Men's TEAM KUMITE  Bronze
111 Judo Women's 78KG  Bronze
112 Cricket Men's TEAM EVENT  Gold
113 Kabaddi Men's TEAM EVENT  Bronze
114 Kabaddi Women's TEAM EVENT  Bronze
115 Judo Men's 81KG  Bronze
116 Judo Women's 78KG  Bronze
117 Swimming Men's 400SC M MEDLEY RACE  Silver
118 Swimming Men's 800SC M FREESTYLE RELAY  Bronze
119 Boxing Men's LIGHTFLY 49KG  Bronze
120 Boxing Men's BANTAM 56KG  Silver
121 Boxing Men's MIDDLE 75KG  Bronze
122 Handball Women's TEAM  Bronze
123 Fencing Men's INDIVIDUAL EPEE  Bronze
124 Fencing Men's INDIVIDUAL FOIL  Bronze
125 Fencing Men's INDIVIDUAL SABRE  Bronze
126 Fencing Men's TEAM EPEE  Silver
127 Fencing Men's TEAM FOIL  Silver
128 Fencing Men's TEAM SABRE  Silver
129 Fencing Women's INDIVIDUAL FOIL  Bronze
130 Fencing Women's INDIVIDUAL SABRE  Gold
131 Fencing Women's TEAM EPEE  Bronze
132 Fencing Women's TEAM FOIL  Bronze
133 Fencing Women's TEAM SABRE  Bronze
134 Wrestling Women's 68KG  Bronze
135 Wrestling Men's 74KG  Bronze
136 Boxing Women's 54KG  Bronze
137 Boxing Men's 60KG  Bronze
138 Boxing Men's WELTER 69KG  Bronze