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Sarvesh Anil Kumar wins Historic Gold Medal in High Jump

December 3, 2019 5:57 pm

Men’s High Jump

Sarvesh Anil Kumar of India has won historic gold medal in SAG’s Men High Jump by crossing the 2.21 meter heights (Highest jump in SAG until now). The previous record of M Wijsekara from Srilanka was 2.20 meter in 2004.

Likewise, Indian athlete Chetan Balasub successfully crossed 2.16 meter height and got the silver medal. The Bronze medal winner is Mahfuzur Rahman from Bangladesh with 2.16 meter of jump.

Women’s High Jump

India has won 2 medals: one Gold and one Bronze in Women’s High Jump. The gold winning jump of 1.73 meter was performed by Jishna M followed by 1.69 Meter of jump by Dulanjalee Kum of Srilanka. The bronze medal winning jump was 1.69 meter performed by Rubina Yadav of India.